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The KhoeSan
(Page 3)
The Khoekhoe
The name 'Khoekhoe' means 'men of men'. Their herds of sheep and cattle gave them a stable, balanced diet and they lived in larger groups than the San.

Clan groups, descended from a common ancestor, lived with their chief in kraals where they kept their herds. They made their small homes of reed mats covered with animal skins. An elephant's ear served as a door.

Clans were identified with a particular territory, but were semi-nomadic, moving whenever grazing land became depleted. The territories were not rigid and overlapped. The chiefs of several clans recognised a paramount Chief and were loosely associated under him as a 'tribe'.

Thus the Khoekhoe had a much larger, more complex and hierarchical society than the San.

European records of the sixteenth century show that there were several Khoekhoe tribes living around the region of modern Cape Town, and there was occasional warfare between them.

Interestingly, the tribe around Table Bay, the Goringhaikona, had no herds and lived on seafood that they found along the coast.

For more on the Khoekhoe see Peoples.

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