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Cape Town City Guide
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Places of Worship in Cape Town

The Catholic Cathedral is opposite Parliament, on the corner of Roeland, St John's/ Plein Streets. Call 021 461 1167

St George's Anglican Cathedral is famous for its former presiding Archbishop, Desmond Tutu. A 1905 Herbert Baker Gothic building, it is located on Whale Street opposite St George's Mall and at the entrance to Government Avenue. Call 021 424 7360

The Groote Kerk (Dutch Reformed) - NB services are in Afrikaans, but the organ music is superb. On the corner of Adderly and Spin/ Bureau Streets, opposite the Slave Lodge. Call 021 422 0569

Central Methodist Mission on Greenmarket Square is a well integrated 'inner-city' church with members from the full spectrum of racial and economic backgrounds. Call 021 422 2744

Gently Evangelical/ Social action: Christchurch, Kenilworth 021 797 6332

Calvinist: St James Church in Kenilworth 021 671 7070

Baptist: Meadowridge Baptist Church 021 712 1218

Charismatic: Vineyard, Claremont 021 761 6772

Pentecostal/ Prosperity: His People 021 595 8900

Township: St Peters, Harare, Khayelitsha 021 361 3306

Quaker: 021 685 7800

St George's
There are plenty of mosques in the Bo-Kaap area of Cape Town - start at the corner of Wale and Chiappini and you will find several within two minutes walk.

The largest mosque is in Gatesville, about 15 minutes from the city centre: Masjid-ul-quds 021 638 1121
The Great Synagogue is a fine building in the Company Gardens, very close to the National Art Gallery. There is also a holocaust museum on site. Call 021 465 1405

In Marais Road, Sea Point, is the large Green and Sea Point Hebrew Congregation - Temple Israel, call 021 434 8901.
Green and Sea Point Synagogue
Eastern Religions

Buddhist Information: 021 671 7443

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