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Roddy Bray's Great Guides

Roddy Bray's MP3 Audio Guides

Cape Town and South Africa MP3 Downloads
Roddy Bray has produced the following high quality audio recordings, avaialable at GreatGuides.Org

Cape Winelands

A wonderful self-drive one day tour of the Cape Winelands. The itinerary, includes Spier, Stellenbosch, Delaire, Franschhoek, Mandela's release site, Fairview and Paarl.

Enjoy guiding by Roddy Bray at stopping points clearly marked on the enclosed map, and as you tour the winelands.

The ZIP file includes the 13 MP3 tracks, including clear directions, plus a map, GPS data and restaurant details. 

South African History

An 8 part history of South Africa, professionally prepared and recorded by Roddy Bray.

Beginning in ancient times, leading up to Apartheid and the transition to democracy under Nelson Mandela, and culminating in the era since 1994 under Mbeki to Jacob Zuma, this is a 'magnum opus' , the product of twenty years of study and fascination of South Africa's story.
Guest Comments (Roddy Bray)
"The most pleasant and the best informed tour guide we have ever had in 51 years of frequent travel" Professor Dohlman (Harvard), Boston, MA

"The best guide we have ever had. Your breadth of knowledge made it all so interesting" Sam Sloan, Vice President, Bank of America

"A thoroughly modern guiding experience! Connections were made all around. In a short space of time you connected the past with today; the political, economic and social scenes; and us with South Africa" Jon Browning, President, Jaguar Motor Cars

"Very knowledgeable, outstanding cultural background - sets exceptional standards for tour guiding" Liliana Salmone, SA Tourist Board, Paris

"Being with you, I saw a spectrum of South Africa I wish everybody could see. The easygoing flexible way you showed me the country was superb" Durk Hattink, Dutch journalist

"Your wit, your knowledge, your stories, your patience, your desire to make this experience truly special for each one of us did indeed make this part of our trip to Africa an enduring indelible memory" Cathy Leavenworth, Ohio, USA


Roddy Bray's Great Guides


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